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Edwin Sandoval


Honduras-born and Colorado-raised, Edwin Sandoval is a modern multicultural creator of food. Chef Sandoval spent 12 years moving through the ranks of professional kitchens. In 2012 armed with a culinary arts degree he appeared on the Denver scene as a sous chef at Le grand bistro & Oyster bar, Spuntino and Beatrice & Woodsley. As a young professional of 23 Chef Sandoval helped open Argyll whiskey beer  in uptown Denver as Chef de Cuisine and Executive Chef at Telegraph bistro.

More recently, Chef Sandoval launched Xatrucho with the vision to become one of the premier private cooking concepts in Denver. Over the last 3.5 years Xatrucho has gained momentum  in Denver curating unique menu as Chef partner at Invisible City and upcoming Enigma Bazaar. With Xatrucho, Chef Sandoval focuses on creating experiences that allow guests from different walks of life to come together through food, collaborating with a wide range of businesses, non profits, event venues, breweries, local photographers and artists, designers and nationally-recognized brands as Dom Perignon. Through Xatrucho Chef Sandoval makes his cooking available to multiple markets from weddings to intimate dinners to cannabis events with boutique-style producers.

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