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Chuy Gutierrez

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Jesus Gutierrez, known to his family and friends as “Chuy”, was born and raised mostly in Seattle, although he has also lived in Jalisco, Mexico. Chuy credits his biculturalism with his ability to understand so many types of people and his ability to adapt quickly.  Chuy was literally born into the restaurant/food industry since his mom worked up until the day she had him in a restaurant.  Being a restaurateur is the family business.  Chuy currently owns and serves as General Manager for 3Margaritas in Broomfield. He also is a partner in a tech start-up, Chamba Inc.  Chamba is a bilingual app that links job seekers with companies looking to hire.  Chuy loves nothing more than making people happy through food and drink.  

One of Chuy’s biggest passions is educating himself on how to be a better person and leader. On most days, you can find him plugged into an educational podcast while working out very early in the morning.  Another of his passions is educating himself of the beauty of the agave plant and the delicious concoctions it gives us in the form of mezcal and tequila. The entire process is truly an artform that Chuy appreciates. 

Chuy is the father of 2 young daughters, who are the heart and soul of his being and who he adores.  Upon their arrival into the world, his main goal shifted to becoming the absolute best role model for them.  Teaching them to be the best they can be is his ultimate destination in life.

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