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Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

Our Mission is to reclaim our culture from appropriation and to ensure our BIPOC creatives are compensated fairly.  Colectiva began as a passion project amongst a group of friends who had grown tired of seeing our beautiful Latinx culture appropriated and sold back to us and tired of seeing our creatives being asked to do more for less.  We recognized our influence and power were stronger together and we formed our collective.  We are so proud of the work we have done together and the impact we have been able to make.  We are so thankful to you, our community for embracing us and our work!


About Us

Colectiva's core members are Rachel Garcia, Jose Rosales and Alfonso Meraza of Artistico, Edwin Sandoval of Xatrucho Concepts and Jesus Gutierrez of 3 Margaritas Broomfield and Chamba  Inc.


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